Reaching over 50 countries
We provide specialty medicines to patients all over the world

Global Operations

EirGen Pharma is a global industry leader in the provision of high containment pharmaceutical products, with significant market reach in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia.

The global demand for specialty medicines is strong, in both developed and emerging markets. Our reputation for quality and innovation, together with our competitive approach, allows us to provide solutions for industry partners and healthcare providers in the supply of high containment pharma products worldwide.

EirGen’s head office, R&D, manufacturing and commercial operations are located together in the South East of Ireland in Europe. Our convenient geographical location is within easy reach of the rest of the world and Ireland’s air and sea transport hubs are fully geared towards handling large scale commercial operations. Ireland provides an ideal environment for a world leading pharmaceutical company, with an outstanding talent pool and extremely high quality standards.

From our base in Ireland, we export high potency pharma products to over fifty countries around the globe. Our world-class supply chain continues to ensure that we are approved in highly regulated markets with stringent regulatory pathways.