You’re in safe hands
EirGen products are trusted worldwide


At EirGen Pharma, we consistently meet the most rigorous quality standards set by the global healthcare pharmaceutical industry. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficacy of our high containment medicines.

The quality of our products comes from our approach to achieving high standards across every aspect of the company. All of our systems and processes are constantly audited to ensure compliance. Every member of the EirGen team implements top manufacturing practices and is responsible for complying with and exceeding quality standards and regulatory requirements. Our line of reporting is crystal clear and we don’t just expect high standards; we demand them. From supply chain to client services, we pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence and a blemish-free inspection record.

Our hi-tech high containment R&D facility harnesses the very latest isolation technology enabling the development of high potency and moisture-sensitive products. Our state-of-the-art commercial centre is equipped for the manufacture of specialty medicines using innovative isolation technology. All of our processing systems allow us to handle high potency and moisture sensitive products in an aseptic environment that is safe both to the end user and the product.

At EirGen, we are totally focused on maintaining high compliance standards whilst meeting both our internal and our customers’ requirements.