The future of pharmaceutical healthcare is here
We are driven to innovate and we are using science to advance treatment standards for patients worldwide

R&D Capabilities

The healthcare sector is constantly seeking breakthroughs in treatment for patients. At EirGen R&D, we focus on the development of new and improved specialty medicines that will deliver better outcomes for people facing the challenge of serious illness.

With our industry partners and collaborators, we continue to develop an exciting portfolio of high potency pharma products for both human and veterinary use that include:

  • New Chemical Entities
  • Generic developments
  • Advanced formulation development
  • Fill Finish of both small molecule and biologics

The in-depth knowledge and technical capabilities of our R&D team are fundamental to the development of innovative high containment medicines. At EirGen, our R&D scientists create new products. Both our in-house state of the art R&D laboratories and our commercial operations are situated together in Ireland, Europe.

Our analytical, bioanalytical and microbiology testing laboratories and our isolation technology for the aseptic processing of products for fill and finish are unsurpassed in the pharmaceutical industry.

At EirGen, our scientists work together with the business development team to generate innovative projects and collaborations; meeting global market demands for high quality specialty medicines.

Our R&D and commercial operations are supported by our regulatory and clinical affairs team with vast experience and expertise in the requirements of international health regulatory authorities.

At EirGen, we set ever higher quality standards in the global pharmaceutical industry, and in so doing; we improve and enhance patient lives.

And we are always moving forward.